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Q3 - coasting

h5djr Aug 5, 2011

  1. h5djr

    h5djr Well-Known Member VCDS Map User Gold Supporter quattro Audi A3

    Reading an article about the Q3 in the August 2011 issue of the magazine Audi Driver there is the following:

    "All the more powerful versions will be fitted, as standard, with the 7-ratio S-tronic transmission. This automatic gearbox has a new innovation: when you take your foot off the accelerator, the clutch automatically disengages so that the car is coasting. Normally under these conditions, the engine is consuming the minimum amount of fuel, but disengaging it from the gearbox and drivetrain improves economy even further".

    When I was taught to drive, albeit many years ago, I was taught never to let the car 'coast'. My current A3 has an S-tronic gearbox but it stays engaged at all times unless I move the lever to Neutral.

    What do other think about this...
  2. audicruiser

    audicruiser Audi Heaven

    I agree with what you are saying, but I am sure if Audi had written that paragraph it wouldn't of been worded quite like that. I am sure the car isn't coasting, even more so if the Q3 was towing something going down hill, from what Audi Driver are saying the brakes would be doing a hell of a lot of work!!
  3. fabeaton

    fabeaton New Member


    FYI the coasting only occurs when you select "e" economy mode in drive select, yes you are correct, when you release the throttle the drive disengages from the gearbox and the engine goes to idle, but as soon as you touch the throttle or the brake pedal, the gearbox re-engages.
    the gearbox S-Tronic is very clever, if you are travelling downhill and begin to gain speed and you brake to slow, then release the brake, the gearbox senses that you are travelling downhill due to the light loads sensed and will drop gears accordingly.
  4. Ste_Nova

    Ste_Nova Active Member

    brakes are cheaper than gearboxes

    when i'm towing with my a6 and start down a hilll the cruise control will engage the brakes to keep the speed the same, rather than drop gears and try and find more engine braking

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