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[Q] Stock exhaust mod

ricostuart Apr 20, 2014

  1. ricostuart

    ricostuart Active Member


    So, I want to get an exhaust for the car at some point, but I need to do some saving when I can (plenty of other priorities at the moment). I am getting board of the car at the moment as it sounds so very dull.

    There are a few custom exhaust mods that the M3 (and others) guys are doing where you gut the stock exhaust and cover up the perferated pipes internally (to remove the raspy-ness). Has anyone done this on these cars?

    I have found these images so far:

    View attachment 31904 13092797034_d6cc0dc4bc_b.jpg 13092803734_029d0365be_b.jpg 13092809384_8008eba966_b.jpg

    An example of what some others do:
    IMG_9362.jpg IMG_9368.jpg

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