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Q. Bonnet release tab stuck - the front tab doesn't pop out. A6

oxfordhippo Feb 22, 2012

  1. oxfordhippo

    oxfordhippo New Member

    Hi, bonnet has decided it doesn't want to open ( or rather I've not kept the front latch lubricated...:sorry:)

    Problem is the tab that shoudl pop out through the grille - doesn't!

    Read soem posts re-getting to it from under-neath.

    Do you need someone pulling the lever inside the car at the same time?

    other question:
    Would the AA fix thsi sort of thing:tocktock: - know it sounds little lazy?
    but it's cold, and raining at the moment....so seems a fair-ish thing for them to do?

    anyone had any experience fo asking them.

    Thanks for any suggestions,

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