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Puzzling Clicking noise after new outer CV joint??? Any Ideas

mark_S3 Apr 1, 2014

  1. mark_S3

    mark_S3 Team Silver

    Right Folks,

    My original NSF Outer CV boot had a small split on the small clip end.
    At the weekend I went ahead with replacing the CV Boot with a new genuine kit supplied from TPS.

    I followed Tufftys guide on here although he did the inner boot but pretty much the same principle.

    On dismantling the ball joint the top nut siezed and the inner hex fitment on the ball rounded off. So had to call ShaunS3 on here to pick a new one up from ECP. Old one was then cut off.

    Anyway my problem is, after installing the new boot kit, on full lefthand lock then release there is a clicking noise coming from the CV Joint area.


    No noise or clicking was there before the change. The slight split before was noticed and temperory sealed with duct tape. Upon dismantling the whole joint and inside of the boot was covered in cv grease and no ingress of water, dirt or grit.
    I cleaned pretty much the whole joint with parts cleaner and removed majority of the old grease with blue roll.
    The clip on end of the spline was replaced along with the new metal washer and plastic sleave along the shaft and then the joint knocked back onto the shaft.
    Ive double check all the nuts and all fully secure. The hub nut was replaced with new and tighten upto VAG spec as shown on Tufftys guide.
    Drives 100% fine... No knocking, No banging, No vibrations, just when you release on full lefthand lock the click comes once and then nothing back to dead straight.

    Any ideas or help people?

    Thank You,

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