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Purchase of used 2002 audi allroad - what traps to be aware of ?

rogermrm Dec 23, 2007

  1. rogermrm

    rogermrm New Member

    Hi every one, my first thread:
    I have my eye on 2 allroads, 1 x 2002 2.7 twin turbo 96000km, 1 x 2001 :think: 2.5 TDI 105000km, I have noted the comments on gearbox issues with the MT boxes.
    The 2.7 TT had a gearbox problem and according to the dealer all has been rectiied - was a little cagey on detail but assured me the box was stripped down and rebuilt !. Have yet to ask for the report from the repairer.
    Any thing I should watch out for with the Twin Turbo model or the TDI.
    Will keep all informed of my experience with this venture.

    Roger R
  2. waddecar

    waddecar New Member

    Suggest you take each for a test drive in turn, make sure you have operated all functions inc central locking then get someone to connect vagcom this will give you most of the faults.

    Check out the vag com forum on this site to find someone with vag com

    good luck
  3. rogermrm

    rogermrm New Member

    Thankyou waddecar, never heard of Vagcom, I intend having a local Audi service centre run through the vehicle for faults using their diagnostic system before purchase - I am on the northern beaches in Sydney /Australia.
    Best regards.
  4. donvas

    donvas New Member

    Hi ther
    You should check on both cars.
    1 timing belts have been changed
    2 cv boots not split
    3 air leaks to the front air suspention.Note they can have small leaks which can leak overnight..
    4 self leveling air pump noisey in operation,fitted under rear of car..
    5 dics and pads wear out very eary..
    6 tyre wear also can happen so check muti links..
    7 check for damp or water on near side of cabin.ie water coming in..?
    If these are all ok these are very good cars ...

  5. RGBArgee

    RGBArgee Guest

    Watch out for old cans of Fosters/Swan rattling around in spare wheel well. Apart from that just play KM loud on the Concert Stereo and you won't go far wrong.

    TT (It's not!!)


  6. TKW

    TKW New Member

    Hello Roger,

    How's the hunt going? I'm also looking for a new (well, used but you know what I mean...) allroad and appreciate the info donvas has given.

    I have three questions in particular, along with any extra info this thread bump may give....
    1) I've heard a lot about deflating air bags, expecially passenger side, and would like to know whether there was a cut-off date for the faulty ones?
    2) Tell me more about the gearbox problems!
    3) How feasible is it to retro-fit the low-ratio option to the manual 'box?

    Many thanks all,

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