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Pulling power...?

EnzoS4 Jul 9, 2007

  1. EnzoS4

    EnzoS4 Member

    this maybe strange.... does the S4 have 2 boost modes...?

    I always found that the car speed would climb quick when putting your foot down but you wouldn't feel must pulling... I noticed a few times the car would pull real hard and I could never work out why or how to repeat it.

    if I drive normally and fuel friendly from a roundabout and then on the straigh boot it the speed climbs fast but not really pulling, however if I accerate hard from a roundabout and then boot it when on the straigh the car pulls really hard and Iam push into the seat which I would expect from an S4.

    maybe delays in turbo spin up...?

    is there a problem, or another X-File...?

    note - car is mostly driven fuel friendly as I am hitting the £50 fuel refills...
  2. shineydave

    shineydave Member

    ............or dropping into Limp Mode
  3. EnzoS4

    EnzoS4 Member

    Limp mode, how could I confirm this, would this show up in the error log (vag-com)...
  4. Dan Gliballs

    Dan Gliballs Active Member

    This is how I felt when I first got the S4.

    When I've driven turbo cars in the passed, I've tended to feed the power in gently and smoothly, especially with FWD cars in the wet etc.

    With the S4, it doesn't pile on the torque with a feathered/progressive throttle.

    The technique in an S4 Bi-Turbo is simple,...................JUST MASH YOUR FOOT TO THE FLOOR!!!!!! lol

    And it won't really wheelspin either :o.k:

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