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PSI tuning module

Tonya Rosey Jun 12, 2007

  1. Tonya Rosey

    Tonya Rosey Member

    Hello you guys. Have any of you got one fitted on your car? I hear that they are better than chips. Any advice? I am buying one this weekend.....
  2. billybravo

    billybravo Active Member

    never heard of it but but i would like to hear more
  3. Tonya Rosey

    Tonya Rosey Member

    Hiya. I have just checked them out on www.lotgracetrading.co.uk ( Performance Economy Drive) and this is what it says;

    Offering a guaranteed minimum increase of 18 BHP, although we would expect the increase in power to be in the region of 23 BHP. Additionally you have the facility to adjust the system to provide an extra 7BHP. As a safety feature you are able to adjust the power output back to factory settings should your vehicle be driven by a less experienced driver, whilst leaving the unit in place. The power increase is achieved by dynamically re-mapping (digitally, in real-time) the duration of the hydraulic injector opening times to the ECU input parameters to give optimum fuelling.
    [​IMG] BHP and torque increases for this model can be seen in the technical specification table below. The minimum BHP increase is always stated, however an additional 5-8 BHP may be seen on top of this figure. This is because each individual engines power potential varies. There are also 2 additional settings, which allow for an extra 7 BHP, and 1 extra setting to power down. The torque increase quoted will drastically improve acceleration and can make significant fuel savings possible (increased MPG), the added torque allows you to hold higher gears at lower speeds and change up through the gears more quickly. Please see the many other benefits, including the simplicity of fitting and customer reviews on the additional pages.
    PSI Model Std BHP Std KW Nm Total BHP + PSI (BHP) Total KW PSI + PSI (kW) Total Nm PSI + PSI (Nm) IPVW11511585285133(+18)98(+13)330(+45)* Increases stated are absolute minimum; you should expect up to an additional 8 BHP on top of the guaranteed figure. There are also two additional settings to increase the power by up to 7 BHP.
    The Power Box is compact in size through Storage Module Device (SMD) technology~ shock resistant and protected against water entry. Most units fit to your car using original manufacturers plugs. They plug in very quickly (usually within 15 minutes). You simply open the existing plugs and fit your Power Box in between. A small number of units fit to your car using special connectors that attach to the original harness of the car. They clip in very quickly and there is no intervention with the ECU; full colour instructions are supplied with each and every box. There are no adjustments necessary as each Power Box has 4 individually tailored fuel maps for your specific make and model of car and uses the modern Reduced Instruction Set Computer (RISC) processing architecture for real-time data processing. The box is traceless once removed and so will not interfere with your warranty.

    The success of the Power Box in the diesel tuning industry has gone from strength to strength over the past 5 years and is getting stronger. Many organisations worldwide, from ordinary people with no tuning experience to major car manufacturers, are discovering the value of this powerful additional diesel-tuning unit.

    I am sure you will agree that turbo diesel vehicles have been crying out for a high quality, market leading, everyday performance product – The Power Box is that product.

    So whether you are driving for pleasure, business or towing, the Power Box ensures your diesel vehicle will have a smoother ride, with sharper reactions and much more responsive acceleration! It eliminates low, mid and high range flat spots – your vehicle will now pull smoothly from under a thousand revs right up to the red line with no loss of power. These benefits do not go at the expense of higher fuel consumption, reduced engine life or heavy smoking.

    They retail at £390 on there and I have managed to get one from the previous owner for £:hubbahubba: 100....bargain!!

  4. a4quat

    a4quat Member

    and you did.............

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