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PS3 surround sound help

indiemike Aug 31, 2009

  1. indiemike

    indiemike ZoomZoom

    Ive got a sharp lcd tv which ive got set up with my panasonic surround sound system and running my ps3 through it to.

    The ps3 is connected via hdmi, and surround sound is scart connected, is there a way to achive full surround sound when using the ps3?

    The cinema system has no optical output

    Thanks mike
  2. paul-r-s78

    paul-r-s78 Member

    if your surround sound has optical input, cant you use the opticals from the rear of the ps3 ?
  3. 1wheelonly

    1wheelonly cabriolet VCDS Map User

    second that, you need to run optical out the ps3 to and optical input on the panasonic surround system, if you havent got an optical in then you cant as scart wont do it.
  4. abdus

    abdus Top Gear VCDS Map User

    the panasonic sound system, does it have hdmi input?

    if yes, you can send audio through hdmi to the panasonic system and then from the panasonic, output video signal via hdmi to the tv
  5. Davsurfa

    Davsurfa Member

    I have a genius way of giving you the perfect sound from your PS3(I'm not being sarcastic either), have a look in the classified section cuz I'm selling a gamer chair. Once you plug in, all you can hear is the sound of the game. There is a sub in the back of the chair and speakers eitherside of your head.

  6. amimmortal

    amimmortal Member

    I have my PS3 hooked up to a Samsung LCD TV via HDMI only (the HDMI carries the sound to the TV too). I then have my TV Phono L-R analogue audio out plugged into my Phillips 5.1 system phono input and I get perfect analogue surround sound.

    I also bought an optical cable only to realise that the Philips system had a digital coaxial input, so I'd need an adapter. Haven't gotten around to it yet, but to be honest the sound quality through the analogue input is more than sufficient...

    My PS3, Sky HD box and Wii are all connected via HDMI/ Component respectively, with audio channelled to the surround sound via the TV Audio Out. Works very nicely and no need to muck about with the surround sound unit, just the TV source.


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