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Proud New A3 Owner

kraizekanine Apr 22, 2003

  1. kraizekanine

    kraizekanine New Member

    Isn't it meant to cost £20k+? No one would buy it at that price! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/nono.gif
  2. imported_Dave_85

    imported_Dave_85 Guest

    Today i put the deposit down on a soon to be mine used A3 after driving a Daewoo, a Peugeot, a BMW and a Ford (in that order) in my short 2 years of driving, so very excited about collecting it after money transfers etc.
    Anyway i stumbled onto this forum after trying to find some things out about the Audi and found it to be very helpful, i still have a few questions though and any response would be greatly appreciated!!.....
    a) I intend to upgrade the standard audio of the car and so am looking for any suggestions or recomendations of how to do this. I saw a thread on speaker upgrades which was quite helpful but was slightly baffled, as i have never gone further than replacing head units and speakers. So any advice on what works particularly well in an A3 would be great.
    b) For insurance reasons and my age I've had to buy the 1.6 sport, would have prefered 1.8 but would have been 500 more. So was wondering if there is anything that i can do that would speed it up a little maybe just 10-20 bhp, without affecting insurance??
    c) Does anyone happen to know how much respraying costs or where it can be done etc? the audi has a few stone chips and is 7 yrs old so if i can i would like to get this done.
    Anyway thanks for looking and sorry for rambling a bit but am excited about getting her!

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