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Prop Shaft/Gear box issue S3

COSTA_P Oct 12, 2012

  1. COSTA_P

    COSTA_P Active Member

    Hi im new to the forum, had my s3 for about 8 months and loved every moment of it. Ive discovered am issue thats concerning me. At first i thought it was the rear tyres road noise but it turns out its coming from the rear of the box/front of the drive shaft. Im not 100% sure but it seems from that area. The 4wd is working but as its spinning it will make like a grinding noise and the rears will stop and then pick up again, then stop, pick up so on so on. So im not sure if it could be the haldex ecu or some bearing issue.

    Any ideas would be most appreciated as its done my head, im used to clio williams easy fixes.

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