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Programming key

johnnie Mar 25, 2008

  1. johnnie

    johnnie New Member

    I recently purchased a 2005 A3 but only got one key. I have bought a replacement key and got a blade cut. I want to program the remote so that it can open the doors / switch off the alarm. (I realise that I will need to get it coded to the immobiliser to drive the car)

    I have followed the instructions below which a member of the forum kindly gave me but the car doesnt respond!

    I currently only have one fully functional remote and an identical one which I am trying to program.

    Any help appreciated

    Instructions I have followed

    1. Take a spare key and insert it into the ignition. Turn it one click forward.

    2. Roll down your window just in case. Step outside the car, and lock the car with a second key.

    3. With your second key fob press the unlock button. The lights should flash.

    4. Now lock the car with the key fob, and then unlock it.

    5. Remove the key from the lock and the key from the ignition, and try it's function
  2. JohnS3

    JohnS3 Active Member

    Have a read here, hope this helps.
  3. johnnie

    johnnie New Member

    Thanks, that link was useful with info about the immobiliser

    Does anyone know if it is possible to programme a key fob to just open the doors remotely

    (I now realise I wont be able to use it to start the car without obtaining the SKC.)

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