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Professional Deatiler: Question regarding detailing.

Hardsy Aug 23, 2007

  1. Hardsy

    Hardsy Hardsy_S3

    Hello, as a keen car enthusiast i really want to get the paintork looking as good as it possibly can on my 1999 Audi S3. At the moment ive been trying out a variety of products but really want to taker it a step furthur and start using some orbital buffer thingymajigs!!

    At the moment i wash with poorboys foam (rinse till all foam has gone)
    Dry with water magnet cloth
    Megs Stage 1
    Poorboys Medium abrasive swirl remover
    Megs Stage 3
    Wolfgang Deep gloss sealent
    Dodo Wax

    The after effect of this combination seem to be pretty amazing but will still not shift swirl marks, which i feel are letting the paintwork down.

    Could you advise me on a "starter kit" for orbital buffing/polishing, i havnt got a clue about this what pads to use, even how to use one!?

  2. WX51TXR

    WX51TXR Polished Bliss

    The Poorboy's SSR's, while good starter polishes, are not really up to hard Audi paint, and you would be better off switching to Menzerna polishes for the task of deswirling by machine. Menzerna RD3.02 and a light cutting pad should be sufficient with multiple attempts to remove the vast majority of the defects, and following up with Menzerna 106FA on a polishing pad will refine the finish and maximise the gloss. As for methods, check out this guide to polishing, which cover types of polish and methods of application...



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