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Problems with the car...

V1RDE Feb 7, 2004

  1. V1RDE

    V1RDE New Member

    1. Knocking noise coming from from passenger side footwell. Happens for example when your cruising in 3rd and then drop a cog, sounds like something is loose. Also occurs when your moving off from rest. Been told it might be anti-roll bar droplinks.

    2. Changed rear pads the other day, bled the brakes in correct order, but brake pedal is still soft as *****. Cars going in on Friday to Audi dealership to check an outstanding recall (brake vacuum) will they bled/check the brakes, so is there any point in me doing it again?

    Any ideas?
    Thanks in advance.
  2. knocking noise - Ive got this at moment. Its worse when cruising and pulling away. Been told its the gearbox mate mine is in being worked on at the moment. They took the driveshaft off and checked it, all was fine so they put it back to take it down to the gearbox specialist but the noise stopped. Best thing to do is get it to a garage ASAP and get them to strip it down as now PTS cant even find out what was making the noise as its stopped. Ill let you know what i hear on monday when i call them up to see whats happening.

    ANDYTQ Well-Known Member

    Had a simular knock ,it was the intercooler pipe had slipped off its mounting osf and was occasionally touching the driveshaft.Hope you find it .Cheers Andy.
  4. Well, this is interesting. We had our car up on a ramp with front wheels raised even further up. Started car and got front wheels turning. The noise wouldnt happen. Im going to phone PTS first thing tomorrow as these droplinks sound like they could be whats wrong with mine. If it was suspension related then it would only do it under load - compressed suspension and not while in air. Very interesting indeed

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