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Problems with roof on A4 Cab

chiefwiggumpi Oct 12, 2009

  1. chiefwiggumpi

    chiefwiggumpi Member

    Hi guys got an A3 so on the forum on there but a colleague at work has an A4 2.0tdi 170bhp 06 reg cab and is having problems with her roof as follows;

    Prior to warranty running out noticed 3 marks on the hood either side of the rear window and above the rear window, like a worn mark as if the canvas has rubbed. Took it to audi dealer who took photos couldnt see what it was catching and sent the photos to audi uk. Audi uk replied that it was from dirt on the roof. Roof is immaculate, cleaned every week and car garaged. Lodged an appeal with Audi uk came back with same answer, further complained by email to Audi uk.

    Reply from email and i quote "when opening the soft top the cloth tension changes which can cause kinks when it is closed these kinks improve again after a short time however can never be completely. The dust and dirt deposits within the kinks are not fully removed in a car wash which further contributes to the appearnce."

    They recommend a cleaning practice and let the top dry slowly. Anyone had this experience of the marks and if so any advice for my colleague would be much appreciated

  2. dans3.0

    dans3.0 Member

    From what I have seen all A4 cabs seem to have these crease marks, mine certainly does.

  3. chiefwiggumpi

    chiefwiggumpi Member

    Thanks Dan

    Ive not seen it myself so cant really expand but from what audi are saying its muck and her won fault which obviously shes not happy with. Anyway ill pass on your comments

  4. Yellowtrophy

    Yellowtrophy Member

    All cabriolets get these marks...I'm surprised Audi took it as far as they did.

    I've had several convertibles, including Porsches and Audis.....they've all got these marks after only a few weeks of putting the hood up and down.

    My current A4 cab has several of these marks around the back window and down the side of the hood - basically wherever it folds. When the fabric folds back on itself, it will inevitably rub against itself, causing some marks.

    Nothing to worry about, as long as there are no holes!
  5. chiefwiggumpi

    chiefwiggumpi Member

    Cheers lads no holes as far as i know im sure she would have said!

    Ill pass on the comments and pop back to the A3 forum where i belong...just to show you what youre missing couldnt resist showing a pic of my new motor!:)

  6. The_Golfather

    The_Golfather Member

    That looks CRISP!

    Impact would have been greater in black ofcourse ;)

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