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problems with new car, help please?

xCoupexAshx Jun 4, 2010

  1. xCoupexAshx

    xCoupexAshx All Torque

    hey i just bought my new 98 audi a3 yest, n already i have probs, not good =[

    its stuttering occasionally seems to be on n off tho which i presume is the coils. but could it be nethin else?

    also weirdly, my speado seems to be like 10 miles an hour out or more im not sure. like doing 20 on the cars speado was coming up at 29 on my sat nav and on the motorway was doing 65 yet my dad was doing 80 along side me =/ any ideas?


    oo btw its the 1.8t engine
  2. chippie

    chippie Member

    have you got larger wheels and tyres as that would give a lower speed reading, you need to check the car for fault codes, the stuttering could be a number of things

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