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problems starting A4 2000 1.8 20v

druid Nov 14, 2008

  1. druid

    druid New Member

    Hi guys

    I have a 1.8 20v audi A4 X reg 2000.

    The car turns over and starts but cuts out after about 2-3 seconds.

    This happend a few weeks ago and at the time i assumed it was a flat battery causing the problem. I charged the battery and it seemed to resolve the problem.

    The problem occurred early this week so i bit the bullet and bought a new battery.

    When i removed the battery it highlighted a bigger problem. The bulkhead (where the battery is contained) had filled up with water. I discovered that they drain plug had clogged with leaves. I have released the water and replaced the battery but the problem still occurs.

    Ive spoken to my local VAG garage and the guy suggested it could be the fuel pump relay or it could be to do with the water ingress. he wouldnt give me any more advice and wants to take a look at it (at a cost).

    If i can avoid paying the garage to point out a basic problem i would be happy to save the money so if any one can suggest a fix it would be appreciated.

    I have been and bought a fuel pump relay (as it was only a tenner) in the hope that this is the problem.

    Does anyone know where i would find the FP relay on this model of A4?
    or as said above any advice would be greatfully received.

    Thanks Drew

    Its not the fuel pump relay. ive changed it and still the same problem.
  2. compton747

    compton747 drivefast

    if you change the fuel pump that what i did mind you i got A4 on an N reg 96.
  3. compton747

    compton747 drivefast

    a new one would only cost you £45 over the internet
  4. Broken Byzan

    Broken Byzan Photographic Moderator Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User quattro Audi A4

    Imobiliser problem is my bet, and you may get more respnse in the B5 section that covers your car mate

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