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Problems? Spec? Performance?

TT Sep 4, 2012

  1. TT

    TT New Member

    Looking at getting an A4 2.0TFSI Quattro (Saloon) very soon.
    wondering what can be had out of these,

    the difference between the special edition and standard engines
    quattro need regular servicing?
    anything to look out for?
    i dont intend to keep it stock, how hard would it be to get 300bhp+ out of these?
    what spec should i look for?

    got about 8grand
  2. jakeA42T

    jakeA42T Member

    Power wise the special edition is the same 2.0t engine just a harsher ecu map 20 bhp+, which I beleave is now a standard on the B8 models.

    AMD or Revo do a stage 1 remap would bring it to 270bhp ish (same results as the satandard engine), and with a full exhaust system and intake don't think it would be the difficult I've seen one pushing 420bhp just depends on how deep your pockets are.

    Spec is down to your own choice, servicing (apart from 2.0t being an oil burner) thinks its the same as any other a4 just a little bit more expensive for a clutch and so on.
  3. pburv

    pburv Well-Known Member Team Glacier Gold Supporter Audi S3 quattro saloon DSG

    Hi TT. Nice choice of car "if I say so myself":eyebrows:.As for servicing look up Audi,s fixed price servicing for cars over three years old you should find them reasonable..I have just had cambelt and water pump replaced for 479.00.and intermediate service for 149.00. As for the special editions they are 220bhp..As for power gains 250 bhp for a basic tune is easily achievable,just make sure your clutch is in good condition..I find my car is a little rattley on tickover but I have been told by a few Audi techies that this is normal? something to do with the high pressure fuel pump.Hope this helps you out. Good luck with your new car..:racer:
  4. Marrow

    Marrow Member

    Stage 1 is about 250 ish and stage 2+ which is air filter , decat and exhaust ,high pressure fuel pump and remap to suit and you should be close to 300ish past this it's a new turbo and big bucks !!

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