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Problems Now FIXED - inc Car wobble after spacers, electric seat and power loss

zseth Aug 25, 2010

  1. zseth

    zseth Member

    Hey fellow members - hope you are all well,

    Just wanted to share my list of problems i had with the S3 and the fixes that cured them to help other members in the same boat, (hopefully will be same cure for others)

    1) Boost leaking and loosing oomph after 4k revs with whooshing sound:

    This was down to a range of PCV hoses having splits in them, all defect hoses were replaced and this included the breather valve and the pressure relief valve (pcv valve), this valve is what caused the power loss as its the last part i replaced and car was not performing until then. Car now drives superb and pulls well in each and every gear right through the rev range. Whooshing sound still present but i put this down to N249 bypass (turbo spool noise) and not boost leak.

    2) I fitted 12mm hub centric spacers to the rear wheels, since then the whole car had been vibrating at high speeds (not affecting steering wheel), ALOT of member have had the same issues, i balanced all four wheels to no avail and even removed and refit the rear springs and changed front top mount and bearings to no joy.

    This was due to the 'spigot' rings in the wheel being wrong fit for the spacers, the spigot rings were fine for the original hub but tighter ones had to be fitted for the wheel to sit flush on new spacer hubs.

    3) Passenger side electric seat would not move up or down

    I simply stuck my hand under the seat where the connectors are for the switch and pressed all wires in and the seat has come back to life! Don't we all love quick fixes?

    4) Terrible knocking noise coming from driver side front when full locking wheel.

    This was down to the mounting plate for the shock/top mount being fit the wrong way round by some cowboy prior to my purchasing the car. Now no noises!

    If anyone would like advice or pointers with any of the above annoying problems, just give me a shout and id love to help

    Peace out :sm4:
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2010

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