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problems already

jimmer 22 Jul 14, 2013

  1. jimmer 22

    jimmer 22 Member

    firstly, ill just say its good to be back, have just picked up another s3 after three years with just my van to run around in. :drool:
    secondly, however im a bit disappointed to be having problems already, after just 2 days.

    sorry in advance for all the reading.

    i jumped in the car this mornin and it wasnt hitting full boost untill about 4000rpm. iv still got my old vag com(shareware version) so i plugged her in and came up with the following faults, 17544 (fuel trim bank, running to lean) and 01542 (yaw sensor). probably not related i know. any way i cleared them and they came straight back up. The first thing i thought of was maf sensor cos i know there prone to playing up on these, so up came the bonnet, took the maf out and gave it a clean, (contact cleaner, not meths or some ****)put it back in and was no different,so up came the bonnet again and had a look around and fairly quickly found a split in the intake pipe about 15mm long which must have happend over last couple days cos it was boostin fine when i picked her up. so obviously im gonna need a new intake pipe. any way iv sealed the split the best i can and hopefully it will see me through till i get a new one, but now im thinkin my maf is knackerd aswell cos after driving again iv got irregular boost, sometimes kickin in at about 3000rpm and sometimes not till 4500, and also the engine managment light came on, iv plugged vag com in again and iv now got faults 16486 (maf sensor low signals) and 18448 ( am not quite sure about this one).and the other codes have gone, iv managed to get the managment light out but is still not boostin right. also my one touch windows are now playing up, working sometimes and not others.( doubt thats related but still a pain) am pretty pissed off cos been waitin a long time to get another of these and its doin my head in already. am really hoping these are just small teething problems and not gonna be a costly pain in the ass. all these different problems seem quite random so am hoping its not the ecu or something. any way i appologise for all the negativity but im sure you understand my situation. lol

    any input would be greatly appreciated, i know the first thing is to replace the split pipe so any info on what to get and where from would be great.

    cheers guys and will get some pics of the car up.

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  2. JUS3IN

    JUS3IN 14.0 @ 98mph 2s 60ft

    i had a loada problems inc about 10 random codes occuring intermittantly not so long ago, ranging from map sensor, camshaft position sensor, accelerator position sensor, and a load of others... i cleaned all the earths under the battery and they all stopped.... touch wood!-) worth a go.
  3. S3quatt

    S3quatt Flat Oot like a ducks Foot VCDS Map User

    If the boost is coming in then cutting out causing a kangaroo effect then its likely to be the split hose taking in unmetered air.
    I had that prob on a S2 years back. It was so violent it was like over boost followed by jumping on the brakes.
    New hose, problem solved.

    Another minor issue along the same lines was due to a cone filter. I had a "Green" one. K&N style with oiled cotton.
    It wasnt over oiled, but it did seem to cause issues with the MAF.

    Hard to describe, but it always felt like the car was holding back. Like a surge when I floored it then it would ease off a fraction.
    Then it would pull again / ease off again. Only on WOT though.

    Put back on the standard air box & filter & the car ran perfectly again.
  4. jimmer 22

    jimmer 22 Member

    cheers guys, i have found a second hand intake pipe which is hopefully coming tomoro so will fit this and see what happens. with my car you can hear the turbo start to spool up at just over 2000 revs as normal, then i loose nearly all the boost, and its realy spikey up untill about 4000 revs and then i seem to get full boost, all be it still abit spikey. im hoping the new pipe will sort it out but if it doesnt, do you think it sounds like the n75 valve. also abit more info if it helps, when the car is at a stand still and i rev it up, the actuator isnt moving untill between 4000 - 5000 revs, im guessing it should move alot quicker. what do you guys reckon, all input appreciated.

    justarn- have cleaned the earths like you said so hopefully this will make a positive difference on the electrics and running, etc
  5. jimmer 22

    jimmer 22 Member

    rite then, have changed the intake pipe, and bypassed the n249 while i was at it. i took the car for a run and it was alot smoother but still not getting boost untill over 3000 rpm, even when i give it a boot full i still get turbo lag in every gear.

    so after this run i thought i would try it with the maf unplugged because it still didnt seem rite, and it seemed to run alot better again, but still getting the turbo lag. i even managed to get wheel spin pulling on to the dual carrigeway on dry roads, :yes:. Any way i plugged in the vag com and cleared all the codes, and they have stayed away,(no codes, :yes:) at the minute. lol

    i plugged the maf back in and wasnt very nice again.very spikey boost, obviously need a new maf even though the vag com isnt bringing up any codes.

    so first question is. does a completely standard 8l s3 225 bam have turbo lag?????

    second question is, with the repaired intake pipe and the n249 bypass, would my car need a sort of running in period to get used to the changes or would it be and instant fix if you know what i mean?????

    i seem to remember changing the maf on my old s3 and it took a couple days to settle in and run properly.

    thanks again for all help,
    and here is a pic of the split pipe i had

  6. Gops

    Gops Badger 5 Edition VCDS Map User Gold Supporter Audi S3

    Do you have any mods? Check the whole PVC system for leaks as well as all the boost hoses as your bound to find one. Are you running v-power? How have you "repaired" the tip? Ill take a guess and say some of your intercooler hoses are split as I has flipping loads! In warm weather (as I said in your other thread) warm weather will make it feel like its bogging down. Unless you have a wellycooler or meth it will feel **** during mid day! Mine was horrendous!
  7. jimmer 22

    jimmer 22 Member

    havent got any mods atall, only bought the car a week ago and was lucky to find a completely standard one with less than a hundred on the clock, anyway, i replaced the intake pipe with a second hand one, was only £7.20 so was a cheap fix. i didnt want to splash out on an uprated one incase it wasnt the problem. not running on v-power, but think i will when the car is fixed and wont be being driven as much as i have a van for work. i have taken it for a 30 mile round trip today, first 15 with the maf plugged in and the second 15 with it unplugged, i must say its alot better with it unplugged, so will be ordering a new maf on monday. hopefully this will sort the problem and all will be good. will let you know how i get on.

    if it still doesnt seem right i will prob take it to someone who knows more about it.
  8. jimmer 22

    jimmer 22 Member

    well the new maf went on monday nite and the car seems alot better, no more spikey boost and seems alot smoother.....but i still dont think its as it should be. iv still got slight hesitation rite the way up the the gears, and boost is still sometimes delayed. iv got no fault codes and no lights on so i dont think it can be anything to serious.

    my next thoughts are the n75. im sure iv read on hear somewhere that you can test this by unplugging it but cant find the thread anywhere. is this correct?????


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