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Problem with road tax.....gotta go to court for 1 day late..HELP PLEASE

H88 Jun 13, 2012

  1. H88

    H88 Member

    Hi people

    Last year september I purchased a car with with no Road tax and I parked it in front of my house and it was locked and given a fine of £250. Basically I bough a car on saturday and I didn't buy road tax until Tuesday because I couldn't get my insurance sorted so I have to waited until Tuesday.

    However when I woke up on Tuesday morning,I found my car front wheels has been locked with a fine notice because of no road tax. I rang up and pay for the fine then I bough the road tax the same day. I have also brough it to DVLA car compound to prove I have got road tax. They refunded me 120 through my bank and since then its ok. However 2 weeks ago I received a letter that I will need to go to court in august because of this problem.

    I was very surprised and **** off so I wrote a letter to make an appeal against this decision and send it back to them along with the original letter. In the letter I have explained to them that I bough the car on Saturday so its weekend,there is no way I can get road tax from post office at weekend. I have also explained to them in the letter that I couldn't buy it on Monday as I couldn't get my insurance sorted. However I have bough it next day (Tuesday) and paid for the fine.

    Since then it has been a week and I am still waiting for a reply back. Did anyone has problem before. Can someone on here please advise me what should I do.

    Any help will be much appreciated.

    Thank you
  2. Kelvin_S

    Kelvin_S Member

    How did you get the car home?
    Were you not able to do it online and get a temporary print out?
    IMO dealing with DVLA is worse than playing Russian roulette with a fully loaded revolver
  3. H88

    H88 Member

    It was a about 2 miles from my house so I drove it home. It was my first car so I didn't known much about paper works. It was kinda stupid when I have to go to court because 1 day late road tax.
  4. audigex

    audigex Active Member

    Technically illegal but should get thrown out of court. Frankly, however, you need to see a solicitor for proper legal advice - I can tell you that it should get thrown out, but that doesn't mean it will.
  5. RallyX

    RallyX Flat Out VCDS Map User

    Dont admit to driving it home you will probably be nicked for no insurance too, tell them that the previous owner delivered it for you on a trailer if that question is asked. Otherwise stick to the facts and it should be thrown out of court.
  6. BBlackburn

    BBlackburn Member

    I've done this and had no problem, even bought my 1er then drove it to college and got tax after that, they usually give you a couple of days grace guess you were just unlucky if you were stopped for no tax may have been a different story because you could have explained the situation.
  7. MrLapou

    MrLapou Well-Known Member

    Clearly you've broken the rules, albeit tried to rectify things quickly.
    Park outside home on road with no insurance and/or no road tax is a crime.
    With some many gits deliberately chancing never having cover, authorities now take a 'zero' tolerance policy.

    I'm sure you have learnt a lesson and will sort out the paperwork before picking up the car.
  8. adamss24

    adamss24 Well-Known Member

    The same happened to me only Redcorn- DVLA subcontractors- took it off my trailer which was parked on a non adopted road !!! The car was a passat with a heavy front damage which clearly could not be driven on the road as it had bent wishbones. After paying for the fine/levy (whatever they call it !), i had to get the car recovered back to my place then i have scrapped the car few weeks down the line- only bought it for parts. I had to buy road tax for it even though it wasn't road worthy otherwise they would have kept my money so i spent 250 quid to get back 150 quid ! Gues what, when scrapping the car i took the logbook to nearest post office to cash in the tax and get a letter 3 weeks later that because i am not the legal owner (i bought it as a trader !) they cannot refund me the rest of the 5 months tax. Gues what, 2 weeks later i get a letter from DVLA in Sidcup that i have to pay 160 quid fine for "keeping" the car on the road un-taxed. They replied to my leter that I AM THE LEGAL OWNER so i have to pay the fine and i only paid £150 to their enforcers as towing and storage charges ! I sent back the form with a copy of the letter from the DVLA refusing the refund of my road tax on the grounds that i am NOT the legal owner + a reply: SEE YOU IN COURT ! They did not bother me again !
    This is legalized robbery and i feel like torching down their premises which i'm sure it happens quite a lot due to frustrated owners ! What's the point of challenging the legal system if you know you cannot win ?
    Bunch of tossers which pray on unsuspecting and weak people , that's what they are !
  9. mjr901

    mjr901 Guest

    Yeah DVLA are always out to have you!

    however, I did have a road legal quadbike, (it wasn't used on the road AT ALL). I didn't tax it or SORN it, MOT it, for over a year or indeed insure it. yes i know...naughty boy...Not a letter or anything... and when I did SORN it, still nothing!

    crackers when you think about it.
  10. H88

    H88 Member

    Thats a good one mate,I would say the car was delivered to me by the seller :))However I believe the problem are now solved since DVLA just called me today saying that I don't need to go to court anymore. However I will need to pay further £54 fine and problem will be solved.

    I want to say thank you to everyone who has spent sometime to reply to my thread,I am so happy to get away and learn my lesson from next time :))

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