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stuart.garlinge Nov 20, 2008

  1. stuart.garlinge

    stuart.garlinge Member

    Hi All, i own a 2000 A6, got a problem i hope someone can help me with, When i open my drivers door the computers open door warning display, puddle light and footwell light and interior lights have stopped coming on could someone tell me where and what mechanism is used to activate and deactivate these when the door is opened and closed,

  2. maxlbrown

    maxlbrown Deep Blue

    You need to replace the whole door lock as the switches are all in the lock itself. there is no real other way to do it.

    Check on ebay for parts first else its audi and over a 100 for a replacement plus labour of about 1 to 1.5 hrs fitting

    Ive done tow off side ones both front and rear. they can also cause central locking problems when the switches play up. when you think the door is locked it isn't it just looks locked

  3. DGSdale

    DGSdale Member

    DON'T PAY OUT FOR A NEW LATCH MECHANISM until you have checked out the switch itself. The microswitch (often referred to as a sensor for some reason) is not in the latch mechanism, its clipped to the outside of it but wired into it. I've just had exactly the same problem myself - no puddle light, interior light, footwell light etc. - which appears to be a very common problem on the C5 A6 & in my case it was all because the microswitch was stuck down. Without actually going into detail of how to actually do it, I removed the latch mechanism, unclipped the m/switch, prised it apart, cleaned the contacts, freed off the little plunger (the cause of the problem), buzzed it out whilst manually operating the latch mech. & reassembled it all. Hey presto! Problem sorted. Cost? Nothing, except 2 & a half hours of my time & I'd be a lot quicker if there's a next time. It's not a difficult job but fairly fiddly. If anybody wants more detail, P.M. me & I'll give you my mobile number & talk you through it. I'm running a 1998 2.8 quattro tip. Avant BTW.


  4. JonnoS6

    JonnoS6 1st Gear VCDS Map User

    I'm just about to try the same repair for same problem. Found a good report with pictures from 'laasby' on Audiworld (Thanks). Excellent write-up so you can get an idea of the complexity (it looks q intricate)


    Hope this helps, I'll try to update this thread after I've done it.

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