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Problem with Central locking

Derren2502 Nov 9, 2013

  1. Derren2502

    Derren2502 New Member

    I have tried to find a solution for hours and can't find anything like it, the remote works fine locks and unlocks all doors, the button inside also locks and unlocks all doors as it should, but if I try using the key in the drivers door I can lock the door and the all lock together and the LED starts to flash (as it should) I then try and unlock with the key and it unlocks the drivers door only and the alarm sounds when the door is opened. How ever if I turn the key to unlock when the car is already unlocked I can hear the pump. But there is no sound from pump when trying to unlock the car when doors are locked. Tried a new micro switch on the cylinder. This is also the issue when I try using the key in the boot, it will lock the car but only unlocks the boot and alarm sounds when opened. Anyone know if this could be an issue with the pump even though the remote works fine? Thanks

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