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Problem with brakes??

gjcknocker Nov 24, 2006

  1. gjcknocker

    gjcknocker Member

    Yesterday I was driving from Aberdeen to Dundee in the pouring rain and when I touched the brakes there was absolutely no bite whatsoever....after a couple of prods it was ok again however I was concerned that if I really had to stop suddenly I would need to pump the brakes to get some reaction. In all the cars that I've had I have never experienced like it and am a little concerned ( especially with the rain we get in this country ).The car is 12 months old and has done 6k miles.
    Should I be concerned??
  2. james0808

    james0808 Active Member

    It was probably just the water,i had the same thing on my golf with R32 brakes.Very common on them apparantly.
  3. Macduff

    Macduff Member

    Don't want to worry you but we bought a low mileage Bora in 2000. It was 18 months old and had done under 8k. After a about 4k the brakes started to get really bad. At one point I tried to do a test emergency stop and the car hardly slowed.

    Took it back to the dealer and they changed all pads and disks. They said that the front pad material fell apart when they took them out. This seemed to be caused by the low mileage and also because the car had stood for a while at the dealer before I bought it.

    You might be best to get them professionally checked as they're really the most important part of your car.
  4. Cupramax

    Cupramax Uber pimp meister

    Its probably not just the water, B7 A4's have the updated ESP which "wipes" the pads occasionally in wet weather so this shouldn't happen.

    Just noticed its a 2005 S4, should this be in the B6 section?

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