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Problem wheels

doctor Jan 27, 2006

  1. doctor

    doctor New Member

    It's a long one I'm afraid!
    I recently had steering problems on my A2 and decided to get it checked out whilst under warrenty.
    The dealer had it for two days at the end of the first they phoned and said that the front nearside alloy had been damaged and that they would have to replace and reset the tracking etc.
    I couldn't really argue except that we both were not aware of bumping a curb excessively or hitting a pot hole, we did remember that the same wheel had a different tyre on and when asked at sale they said that it had a blow out.

    I asked for the damaged wheel to be put in the boot and paid the bill (£460...ouch!).

    I wrote to the dealer explaining that we could not recollect any serious bump and that if this was caused by general driving conditions we had to question Audi's design.

    In the meantime I had the damaged wheel checked by an alloy wheel repair expert...minor damage total £50 to repair in 24hrs.

    I have asked for the audi dealer to reply in writing what they intend to do, they have already said that they will reimbirse the cost of the wheel, although this is only due to the possible damage caused by the blow out.

    My main problem is that they replaced the wheel and did not offer repair (is this audi policy?), my second concern is that the mechanic signed this wheel off as a write- off when it is perfectly ok. It has placed a huge distruss between me and a company that i chose for its name! sorry to go on /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/soap.gif

    The Doctor

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