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Problem starting my car

mubzy79 Jan 14, 2012

  1. mubzy79

    mubzy79 Member

    Hi guys here's the thing I started my car up fine at 6 this morning when the temp was -5 and it started fine first go. I finished work at 8pm I tried to start my car and it just wasn't starting. I thought the battery was low so I tried to get a jump start but it still didn't start. Could it be the immobiliser? The stereo comes on,All the lights work so I don't think its the battery. I had to call someone to give me a lift home. When I locked the car the alarm indicator on the door stayed on so it was a constant red light it wasn't flashing like it normally does. The front doors locked but the back doors were still unlocked. So i'm thinking the problem could be electrical any suggestions?
  2. jbcalvin

    jbcalvin Member

    Take it to a garage and get it checked, non start could be related to a whole host of things and it would be nigh on impossible to diagnose on a forum....
  3. stu_m

    stu_m Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    I think if it was the immobiliser it would start then die I'm sure someone will confirm this

    You need to get it scanned really
  4. marktdisport

    marktdisport Active Member

    think your right stu i had a customer with an a4 and i went to start it with the wrong key without a chip in and it fired for a quick second then nothink at all thought id broke it lol until i noticed i was using the wrong key...... vag com for codes is the only way forward m8 have you checked to see if the carpets are dry underneath the ecu box ?????
  5. mubzy79

    mubzy79 Member

    Hi cheers for the help guys
    I have rosstech but left the lead at home so couldn't scan the car I'm in London car is in Oxford at the moment
    At the time when I was having problems starting it I didn't occur to me to check if the,carpets are wet

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