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Problem questions.. please help?

New2Audi Jun 14, 2007

  1. New2Audi

    New2Audi Member

    Hi there Audi enthusiasts!

    I bought an Audi A3 (1999) and have a few issues, which I hope you can help with:

    - The rev dial when car is idle is at the number 1. I have since bought an engine clean fluid (after advice from motor accessory shop) and emptied into tank. Hoping this would help, it hasn't.
    - The back washer doesn't work. I took off the back panel and the water pipe. When operating the back washer, no water was coming out. I'm thinking of somehow prodding a thin wire or somesort to unblock it. Is this common?
    - The Audi stereo (concert) has a cd changer, which I think audi fits as standard (not sure). Well theres power to the cd changer, but I don't know how to operate the cd changer from the stereo (unfortunately no manual available and no code). Keeping hold of the Mode button doesnt work. Says 'No-Mem-TP' or summat like that.. :-\

    I hope you can help with these and if I come across any more, I'll post.


  2. bouncer--daz

    bouncer--daz A dog is for life....not just for friday nights!

    Ive got the same problem with my rear wiper.... no idea how too fix it tho:sorry:
  3. Ballcrusher

    Ballcrusher NO CAT JUST 3" STRAIT THREW

    my friends wiper worked but no water was coming out turned out to ba a water pipe that caroded near the bulk head passenger side
  4. madvw

    madvw Active Member

    if you've disconnected the washer fluid hose from the wipermotor, and theres still nothing coming out, then the being blocked is unlikely. Most likely is disconnected pipework in the rear passenger cubbyhole, broken washer jet pump (can you hear it running?) or as said above corroded pipe where it passes through the bulkhead.

    However, if water IS coming out of the pipe when disconnected, its a blocked spray nozzle or broken pipe in the wiper motor. Blocked jet is a £3 replacement jet (just pulls out and replaceable without removing anything) - and the broken washer motor pipe is fixable with a kit from Audi or Vagparts.

    The high idle could easily be sorted with a throttle body clean, otherwise it's most likely to be a lambda sensor.
  5. New2Audi

    New2Audi Member

    Ok. I hear you all. Thanks.

    Water isn't coming out of the pipe. But my question is whats the cubbyhole and where? I can hear the water running...or so I think. Wheres the bulkhead?

    Throttle clean? You mean just press down the gas pedal in neutral, right, and for how long? Whats the lambda sensor?

    Thanks again.

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