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Problem number 2 ! A5 Cab TDI 2009

mooney3019 Jan 27, 2014

  1. mooney3019

    mooney3019 New Member

    I always seem to have wheel/tyre problems on Vw Audi !!

    4 wheel alignment done 4 months ago due to blocking on rears, wheel bearings checked all ok, recently I've had the wheels refurbished by the wheel specialist bham who I have been using for years, full set of new Dunlop SP sport Max GT's, had them balanced then got a vibration between 60 - 70, balanced again, better but not right, feels like the wheels are still not right,

    could it be the lower rear wishbone problem?

    bent alloy?

    or just balancing

    don't get me wrong I love the car but its not a nice place to be long distance, feels like the I slowly been vibrated to death.

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