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Problem after replacing Concert with Sony CD Player

boson Jul 18, 2009

  1. boson

    boson New Member

    I recently replaced my Audi A3 concert stereo with a Sony Bluetooth CD Player. The Sony works well, all is working and i'm getting good sound.

    Problem is there is a constant buzzing noise in the background. This noise happens on all modes (radio, aux in, cd) and putting the volume to zero makes no difference, no does adjusting the balance or fader. Seems to be mainly from the back too.

    Any ideas?
  2. Lilgaz

    Lilgaz Vorsprung Dirk Kuyt

    Alright mate I think i`ve read a couple of threads regarding this issue so maybe worth checking the I.C.E. forum for some hints (apologies if you have already) :sorry:

    Hope this helps anyway (probably not like)

    It could be a bad earth


    You may have the wrong harness (not the sony supplied one, the harness from the sony harness to the car harness) as some are designed for rear amplified systems and some for fully amplified….whether this would cause interference I don`t know… :unsure:

    Have you installed an amplifier aswell as the head unit ? as you may need a ground loop isolator


    If you have no joy following my dribble contact AndyMac as this fella`s sound as and knows his stuff! :yes:

    Take it easy

    Gaz :icon_thumright:

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