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Probably forced to sell S3

RacingTeatray Jul 22, 2005

  1. RacingTeatray

    RacingTeatray Freezing in Moscow

    Argh! Going to have to sell my car! Really quite gutted about this given I only just bought it a couple of months ago.

    Have had confirmation that I am being seconded to Moscow for 2 years and have chatted to some Russian friends, it seems there is no way in which it is sensible to take the S3 with me.

    What do you think the car'll be worth come October when I'll have to be looking to sell it? It'll have done probably 33k by then. It's a standard Nogaro Blue S3 225 registered in Dec 2002 on a "52" plate. UK-car, black full leather, usual S3 spec plus BOSE, ally mirrors, integrated bluetooth system and (unusually) a spare set of correct S3 winter alloys with winter tyres. Fully warrantied to May 2006. I'm the second owner.

    Any thoughts on its value (Parker's seems to suggest £17k but I know they aren't necessarily the most accurate) - I'm really not keen to take a bath on what I paid for it and if it looks like I will then I may to reconsider what I do with it.
  2. nervus

    nervus Well-Known Member

    Its hard to price an S3 due to the varying specs and colour combos. It usual to see similar aged cars with £2000 difference depending on colour spec etc. I personally think yours is a good spec and a desirable colour and worth about £17,500 but there are many who will argue black/silver/grey is best and value yours nearer £16,000.

    I personally think noggy, imola and misano are the only real 'S' and 'RS' colours.
  3. RacingTeatray

    RacingTeatray Freezing in Moscow

    Ok - cheers. I could probably cope with getting £17k for it but not less than that!

    Agree with you completely on the colours. I wanted a Misano red one but they're pretty rare and I couldn't locate a suitable one.

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