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Pro and Cons for the Diesel

GforceA4 Aug 20, 2011

  1. GforceA4

    GforceA4 Member

    hi all again

    Orignal i was going to have a 3.2, but changes have a put a damper on that :(

    so im havin a diesel is there much diffo between a the 140 - 170 versions ?

    any thing i need to watch out for?

    this will be my first diesel,

    Ive got to have a SB for the space,

    cheers for ur help

  2. Naj

    Naj Member

    If you plan on modding it then the 140 is a good choice. I've already had it remapped to 175bhp and now going for hybrid turbo to take it to 210bhp+
  3. rosco11

    rosco11 Member

    The 170pd engines have exhaust dpf issues not to mention injector/injector loom issues which believe have to be exchanged due to a recent VOSA campaign.

    Having had a 170pd leon, they are very torquey and you will notice the difference between it and the 140 - it's 30bhp after all.

    I occasionally drive a 140CR Passat which although a different beast to the leon is much more linear and fuel efficient than the 170pd engines. This is true of the 170CR too.

    My advice would be to drive the 170 first as you could be fooled into thinking the 140 is more than it is depending on what you drive just now as it will have a fair pull to it.

    To be honest my first impression of my S3 after having the leon was this does not feel as fast as it should given the extra 90 odd extra bhp but that's how torque can fool you. It's only when I looked at the speedo did I see the real difference.
  4. Chappy

    Chappy Call me Dan! Audi A5

    I've had PD170 (Leon) CR170 (Leon F/L) and now CR140 A3 and can honestly say that there doesn't feel that much punch difference between the CR170 and 140.

    The PD is a whole different ball game, the PD170 likes to spin the wheels easily, found that there was a lot of understeer out of the corners, especially in the wet and as said, the PD has more DPF issues. Never had an issue with either my current car or the CR170 Leon.
  5. Richy_C

    Richy_C Active Member

    I've said it before, 140 for the nice cheap tax and spend the cash saving on a chip to over 170bhp and have a far better car.

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