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Private plate opinions

Kaibo Oct 17, 2013

  1. Kaibo

    Kaibo Member

    I'm after getting a private plate on the car (a3 8p V6) to finish the look off, I want to narrow it, so the idea is to go prefix style with 5 digits. Now what do you think I should go for, something related to the car/model, something about me, like my name/initials, or something random, stupid or funny, maybe something that just looks good to the eye? I'd rather not look like a c*+k or a pretentious snob.
    Ideas welcome.

    Cheers Kai
  2. R90 STL

    R90 STL Well-Known Member

    depends what you are after really. I was never really interested in private plates until recently. I wouldnt get a silly plate if you take your car seriously. Personally i think you are best getting one that is relative to you that way you can keep it forever instead of selling it on with the car .. My plate is R90 STL (first initial,year of birth and then abbreviation of surname) might give you some food for thought.. :think:
  3. enoliver

    enoliver Member

    I bought two, one for me, and a matching one for my wife. (NT0 4 JSO, JS0 4 NTO) I have never liked those which, if they're in italic, and if you squint, and if it's foggy, might make up a word or name, like a 4 trying to look like an A, or an 8 for a B, etc, but if you choose carefully, and search the options on the DVLA web site, you could get something that suits you well; A3 and initials, or V6 initials. Cool!! Good luck.
  4. LEE69

    LEE69 07 170 DSG Team Dolphin Grey Audi A3

    Last car had C19PRA on it, and thankfully the gy who bought the car bought the plate.

    This time around we have bought a plate that as personal meaning, and we can keep for life.
  5. jojo

    jojo Looking for Boost! Staff Member Moderator Team Daytona Audi S3 quattro Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group

    All my cars have private plates, it's a personal choice really, but not for everyone!
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  6. Kaibo

    Kaibo Member

    Thanks for the responses, all very different really but with 1 theme in common, basically it's down to my personal choice, I've got so many listed now, I'll have to Whittle them down and have a good long think, does the plate stay with me or the car, that'll be the deciding factor.
  7. leegsi

    leegsi Active Member

    I bought A16 VVX as I have always owned a 16v Vauxhall.

    My Audi came with A2 UTT but no idea the significance as the guys name was Mark lol
  8. Innocence80

    Innocence80 Member

    I have a private plate on my car which was bought for me by my ex, it says my name and is not relative to the car at all.
  9. Reload

    Reload Bird is the Word!

    One piece of advice, if you see a plate you want always check the DVLA site for it first. A lot of websites will advertise them, then just buy it from DVLA and sell it to you at a mark up
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  10. BigWillyStyle

    BigWillyStyle Member

    I have a private plate which relates to me and i think they're fine, but only if they are done correctly otherwise it looks naff.

    I dont like it when people use different spacing or change where the bolts are to make letters look different. Plus its not allowed but The Fed's turn a blind eye normally!
  11. wolfie138

    wolfie138 Active Member

    the cops don't seem to bother their ar$es but i've heard the MOT people do. mate at work had a plate w/ the NUFC crests on - all bought legit etc, but they complained about visibility - heard they're more likely to enforce that spacing thing too. still see 'em on the roads though, so i guess it might just be a case of who you go to, or whether they got any the night before etc.
  12. enoliver

    enoliver Member

    When my wife's went for the MOT, we stuck legit ones on, then after the test, put our own back on.

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