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pricing audi TT

lowrider786 Oct 17, 2006

  1. lowrider786

    lowrider786 Member

    hello all
    i am now considering selling my audi TT, a new member to the family is to join soon so i need more then 2 seats. first off all can u help me price my car i was looking for around 11500 -12000 to you think this is reasonable

    it is a 2000 w reg audi TT 225 roadster
    body is in exellent condition
    mettalic silver with black hood
    18 inch rs4 alloy just been refurbed.
    mileage has just reached 64000 miles
    baseball tan leathers, large stitching
    bose sound system
    climate control
    nokia bluetooth handfree kit
    has had the timing belt/waterpump/rollers + tensioners changed at 54000 miles

    downside - a minor ding on the passenger side wing by the blinker need to be close up to notice it

    also will i get a better price selling near the summer say around may - june or does this not make a difference
  2. Silverfox42badger

    Silverfox42badger RS4 Saloon

    Hi, I am selling a very similar TTR as my wife is expecting twins - have been advertising for about 2 months now, and am finally getting some interest at just under £11k. Car has done 70k, but engine was replaced 7k miles ago under warranty due to a dealer **** up with the cambelt not being replaced and then snapping! Only main difference is our TTR has no Blue tooth..

    Hope you sell it successfully.

    Spring/Summer may effect the price, but you can't exactly ask the missus to keep her legs clamped shut for 3 months to let the sun come out!

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