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Price of spare parts

Quirrel Sep 6, 2011

  1. Quirrel

    Quirrel New Member

    I've been meaning to join the forum for ages now.

    I'm currently sat on the parts that myself and a friend removed from his B6 '02 1.8T A4 which he broke a few months ago after a terminal case of oil overfill and central reservation of the motorway.

    We have a pile of parts cluttering up the garage and my garage that need to be sold, but with the lack of time and the fact we have no idea of what to price them at, we have never done anything about it.

    Where is the best place to get a ballpark figure for the price of various parts or can any of the members here shed some light on what we should try and sell them at.

    Front end - bonnet, bumper. lights, bumper bar, radiator, slam panel ( it think)
    boot, tail lights rear bumper.
    air bags, airbag module, ESP module, comfort module (one under passanger seat), ECU, steering wheel and steering column, clocks, radio, cd player, wing mirrors, passanger airbag, climate control controls. exhause 0 cat back twin pipes -

    A few other bits I think as well.

    I've looked on Ebay, but the prices are quite strange, £90 of esp module, yet there is only one for sale on ebay so no other prices to compare to.

    I'll post questions about the 2.5TD A6 I'm looking at later.

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