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Price For full service and cambelt and water pump change

Discussion in 'Awesome GTI' started by Daz4311, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. Daz4311

    Daz4311 Active Member

    How much for all the above work to be done and how long will it take ..also a price for a auto gearbox oil change
    all above work is for a 07 plate a4 b7 2.0tfsi sline with a multitronic gearbox
  2. AwesomeAl

    AwesomeAl Site Sponsor Site Sponsor

    Hi there,

    Full service, Cambelt and water pump change will come to £169 and £354.

    As for the Multitronic system, we don't yet offer a gearbox oil change for these as nobody seems to be able to supply us with the correct information toward oil type and quantity required. We also believe theres a specialist peice of equipment required to do the job and since we only see a couple of these a year isn't valid for us to invest in.

    Hope this helps,
    Regards, Al.
  3. Daz4311

    Daz4311 Active Member

    How long would you take to do both the service and the Cambelt/water pump done??As I would have to wait with the car?? How long would I need to book in advance
  4. AwesomeAl

    AwesomeAl Site Sponsor Site Sponsor

    I do apologize, I've misquoted on the cambelt. Some reason I read it as A3 not A4
    the cambelt service on the A4 is actually £396 due to the engine being mounted longtitudinally, but I'd be happy to do it at the quoted price.

    You'd be looking at a full days work on that one.

    Hope this helps,
    Regards, AL.
  5. Daz4311

    Daz4311 Active Member

    Cool as soon as I pick the car up I'll ring you and get it booked in..does the full service include the pollen filter??can you do the work on a Saturday??
  6. Daz4311

    Daz4311 Active Member

    Forgot to ask..do you know anyone who can do the gearbox oil??
  7. AwesomeAl

    AwesomeAl Site Sponsor Site Sponsor

    Other than the audi dealers I'm not sure who would be willing to do the gearbox oil change. The pollen filter is an additional £12.00.
    We can book you in for a saturday but it's around 8 weeks wait to get a saturday apointment.
  8. Daz4311

    Daz4311 Active Member

    How long the wait for the work to be done on a Friday al as
    Might be able to get a Friday of??
  9. AwesomeAl

    AwesomeAl Site Sponsor Site Sponsor

    for some reason, fridays are booked up for a fair while now! Our next available is friday 18th May!!
  10. Daz4311

    Daz4311 Active Member

    Al I'll try and let you know 2 Moro if that's ok about the18th may..I would want a full service..cambelt and water pump change..brake fluid and coolant change all doing..can this be done in the one day...oh and a new pollen filter aswell.. Can you let me know the full price..with the cambelt price be the lower price you first quoted me fella??
  11. AwesomeAl

    AwesomeAl Site Sponsor Site Sponsor

    Yeah, Not a problem.

    Full price including coolant and a brake fluid change will be £587.00 all in.

    Hope this helps!
    Cheers, Al.
  12. Pabs

    Pabs Active Member

    Hi Al my cambelt is due for a change is it the same price for an 2004 A4 B6 1.8T 190? Do you change the tensioners, rollers and water pump or are these extras?
    Cheers Paul
  13. AwesomeAl

    AwesomeAl Site Sponsor Site Sponsor

    Hi Paul,

    You're looking at £396 on the A4 1.8T
    This covers the Belt, Tensioner, Idler and Water Pump.

    Hope this helps!

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