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Price - Audi S3 clutch & flywheel.

russwuss May 15, 2013

  1. russwuss

    russwuss Active Member


    Ive searched for some prices on clutch and flywheel packages on the forum but mostly seem to be performance ones mentioned..

    Basically I have a quote at JBS for full clutch and flywheel replacement on my S3 AMK for just shy of £800 - the kit is a LUK Kit without the Audi branding. Does this sound about normal? Can anyone recommend other garages around Chesterfield/Derby that might be worth a try?

    Have looked at the guide for replacement and its not something I'd like to attempt myself... Hand was reduced to a claw after replacing the MK2 Golf gearbox and that looks much easier than the S3 destructions.

    Just on JBS.. Has anyone seen their custom manifolds for the K04? Apparently the gains are pretty good.. 270bhp remapped IIRC.

    Any info is much appreciated as always :)

  2. Nogmeister

    Nogmeister Member

    Does sound about right price mate, I paid a bit less than £300 for clutch and solid mass flywheel from eurocarparts with a discount. My mechanic charged about £400 for the labour and other bits and bobs. Tis a fairly big job so I hear
  3. m19lte

    m19lte Member

    Pain in the arris job mate, luk are oem fitment anyway, so £800 is very reasonable mate (that's if it's a full kit) I've just fitted a full luk kit, smooth as anything, standard they can take 300bhp stage 2+ power anyway
  4. kwistof

    kwistof South East Events Moderator Regional Rep

    That's a good price. Decent parts and a reputable garage

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