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PRESTON AUDI.....dead line complete

Satdiver Dec 28, 2013

  1. Satdiver

    Satdiver Member

    A few posts in and before I go offshore for six weeks here is where I am....
    Mondays order deadline is now done....see below.

    like many of you I see on here , I have owned some nice cars and had good service But only from Porsche and wonderful service from skoda.....my wife's about to have her third Yeti( bloody good car)
    I have come out of a Allroad 3.0tdi A4 a great car it really is.
    I have now traded that in after 16 months for an S3 due April May

    S3. Sport back Stronic
    Alu roof rails
    Park plus and camera
    Comfort Pack
    Electric fold mirrors
    High beam ass
    Led lights
    Privacy glass
    Sd nav
    Sports seats.........mono?????????
    5 star alloys

    I have been dealing with Darren Moon at Preston Audi, what a great salesman he is, you know you go in some places, you don't like ...gel.....even want to talk to some sales people, well I often felt like that at Preston!
    But then I was introduced to Darren.
    NOT pushy at all , what he's unsure of he will find out asp and when he says he will call or mail he does.
    after talking about and reading about discounts here....I took this to him yesterday ,when I had to have my build in....I told him better discounts were available and he gave me a tad more discount, not a push over and I didn't try to pull his pants down either.
    I guess we're all after as much as possible for as little as possible! nature of the beast.
    I wish the reader a happy new year , keep the photos coming .
    and please should you be in the north.....and in need of a no Bull sales guy, give him a call.....he'll know who satdiver is.

    all the best
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  2. Louay

    Louay Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the Waiting Group and may I congratulate you on your tasteful spec. 1st March is almost here for myself having placed the order back in August so 2 months will seem miniscule and the wait has been a test of my patience but having this fantastic forum with many great people with informative reviews and colourful pics has made the wait entertaining.

    Enjoy your time away whether it business or pleasure and may I why 'Sat diver'?

  3. Satdiver

    Satdiver Member

    Bellrun on Vimeo

    Just a little of what I do..... Saturation diving
    I live in a chamber under pressure , travel to and from the work site in a bell. Saturation..... Because the body is saturated with a gas mix of helium oxygen, So I'll do maybe 20 days under pressure and decompress just once .....but this can take a week....depth taken into consideration
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  4. ijgreer

    ijgreer Member

    Seen that done on a program for the North Sea! Looks a tough job!

    Good choice in car by the way!
  5. Satdiver

    Satdiver Member

    Yea I work the North Sea usually

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