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Predicted Range - How accurate?

Pierre/Peter Nov 28, 2012

  1. Pierre/Peter

    Pierre/Peter New Member

    I have owned 3 Q5s, & am now waiting on my first A6.(With 75 litre tank).
    Still don’t have a build week L
    Can any existing A6 owner tell me:-
    How accurate was the prediction of range?
    On the Q5 it is worse than useless.
    I will fill up at Calais.
    It will predict a range of 970km.
    My driving style doesn’t change. – That is the actual consumption has been, & remains constant.
    To reach the Dordogne, I should have a reserve of some 100km.
    I actually struggle to make it on the tankful.
    So? Are A6s better?
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2012

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