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Pre-Facelift S3 Instrument Cluster Question

Rice Oct 20, 2012

  1. Rice

    Rice Active Member

    Hi everyone, my first post although ive been browsing for information for a while. Very helpful so far! Ive got a question to test ya knowledge now though :p!

    Basically i took my instrument cluster apart to try and regenerate the lcd display, as per the tutorial on here... And whilst i had it apart the odometer/trip lcd display fell out (because im a clumsy c**t) and one of the rubber contacts got knocked off, but as it was bonded on with carbon contacts inside i couldn't get it connect properly again, and now the display is all over the place!!!
    So im going to have to buy a set of instruments from an a3 (as theyre cheap) and split them apart for that part of the display.

    Now to my question. Does anyone know if the non-facelift a3's have the same size lcd odometer display as the s3? I presume they do, but just wanted to check....

    Oh and if anyone has an instrument cluster hanging around they dont want, or even that small lcd display... Give me a shout :).

    Thanks, Rice

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