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Pre-facelift ally Mirror conversion to face-lift

- Jun 29, 2005

  1. Guest

    not sure if this is one for this forum or the A3/S3 forum so i have put it in both

    I have just bought some Ally mirrors with internals. They looked the same style as the plastic one on my S3 (prefacelift) however the mounting bracket supplied with the mirror housing is different to the one on the car. So I had to take the cars bracket off, this meant removal of a compressed spring and circlip. Having removed this and placing the ally bracket on I have noticed there is more depth to the "hinge" hence the old spring is way too big to put back on. So I have 2 questions

    1) has anybody come across this before and how did they get round it ( I assume I am fitting a facelift housing on a prefacelift car). I also guess that some spring washers might do the trick but might not offer the resistance required.

    2) failing this what can I refit the original spring with?? I will have to compress it some how but will need to get the old circlip back on so it cant be to thick. will i have to remove the the door card etc to get the entire assembly off?

    Thanks in advance

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