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Pre delivery checks for new S3?

Young un Mar 30, 2008

  1. Young un

    Young un Member

    Hi guys (& girls)
    I've been quietly reading various posts/threads and this forum has provided a wealth of information! Keep it up!!:icon_thumright:

    Now im after your thoughts and advice please...

    Im due to take delivery for a new S3 mid-end Apr. I have specced it with various options and I want to make sure that they are actually on the vehicle and functioning correctly before I sign any paperwork!!
    Some of the options will be obvious to check. Its either there or not eg...FBMFSW, front centre armrest, Bose, Cruise control

    I intend to check...
    Adaptive xenons should move up/down left/right (self align?)
    RNSe DVD disc should be "unlocked"
    SD card slots will play music (i'll take SD card with music on it - not SDHC)
    Bluetooth can/will connect (I'll take 2 different mobiles with me - Nokia and Sony Ericsson
    Rear park sensor should beep when I reverse
    Elec folding mirrors fold/unfold correctly

    Since I'll be collecting during daylight how would you suggest I check the light and rain sensor option?
    And the flat tyre indicator?
    Anything else I should check???

    Unfortunately this vehicle will simply be "just another" vehicle off the Audi production line so errors and mistakes could occur. Im sure the dealers will find a solution for me, but Im trying to guard myself against all eventualities. Maybe Im being over cautious or even paranoid!!

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
  2. yahyar

    yahyar Member

    don't forget to check your blood pressure
  3. consilio

    consilio Up the owls!

    Why worry, anything not working can be fixed under warranty.

    I would concentrate more on dents, scratches and any other delivery damage - basically anything that might be difficult to prove you didn't cause.

    Just enjoy the car on collection day
  4. Kontraband

    Kontraband Active Member

    Yeah I agree with Consilio... your giving yourself limited time to check things anyway... why not check the wipers when it rains, the lights at night etc etc. JUst make sure that anything that would be passed back to you by driving off the forecourt is covered for the exact reason Consilio has said..
  5. Young un

    Young un Member

    Yeah, I'll definately check body panels for alignment and I'll have a damn good look for any signs of a respray to any part of the panels. I've heard lots of horror stories about brand new motors having the "odd" dent/prang before the owners have even taken delivery of it!! And the dealers fob the owners off with "delay in delivery or shipping"!! The CHEEK!!

    Regarding all the workable parts and functions...I know it'll be covered under warranty, but I just cant be ***** with the hassle of going back and forth to the dealers. If anything isnt working on the day, i'll simply refuse to take delivery until its sorted. And I certainly wont be impressesd if any of my ordered options are missing!!
  6. prt57

    prt57 Well-Known Member

    I second the fact that your main thing to check is the condition of the paintwork, chunks out of the wheels etc.
    Make it really obvious to your sales person that you are going to check it over with a fine tooth comb and you will probably do well. Be a real nerd but remember it is your money that you are spending.
    Tell them not to take of the protective plastics on the body work to soon and than leave it outside due to bird poop problems.
    I had mine put into the showroom the night before pick up for my inspection. This avoided probs if it is raining.
    The salesman appeared to breathe a sigh of relief when I said OK after the inspection!!

  7. bacardi

    bacardi Active Member

    rain sensing wipers have a "sensor" near the rear view mirror housing on my wife's old mini and mates 3 series, do audi do the same?

    Auto headlamps should have an extra icon on the headlamp switch, marked A I believe,

    Just going on things I've picked up as I've not got either of these options!

    Also, I'd give the body/interior a seriously intensive checkover - mine had two marks on the rear bumper where the dealer had removed a transit sticker and a scratch on the alu trim on the passenger door I didn't spot on collection - its wound me up to this day
  8. SnAzBaZ

    SnAzBaZ Member

    Auto Lights / Wipers are indicated by the "Auto" on the Headlight dial on the right hand side of the steering wheel. They come together, so if you've got the Auto on the headlight your set.
  9. s3mike

    s3mike Member

    Hopefully Audi and the dealer will have done all the checks to ensure you get the right options.

    Mine was perfect in that respect, I'd be more careful to check for scratches etc which they can claim you did after collection. Make sure they give you the 'free' top up oil and pouch in the boot - I haven't needed it but it's nice to have.

    Might be difficult to check the adaptive lights during the day but you'll notice at night - they are very good. Even my Wife who dismissed them as a gimmick admits they are very useful on country roads. They should do a little up-down, left right self test but it probably needs to be dark for you to see it.

    Enjoy the car!
  10. s3mike

    s3mike Member

    Flat tyre indicator - if you hold the button down while stopped it should beep - this is saying the system is set and will learn the tyre rolling radius.

    No idea how to test it, I thought about letting one of my tyres down a bit and driving a few miles but haven't done it yet!
  11. Young un

    Young un Member


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