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Powersteering full lock squeal when stationary/slow movement - help!

kujo Feb 15, 2011

  1. kujo

    kujo New Member

    Hi all,

    Well my car (A4 Avant 1.9tdi) has decided to start making an awful squeal when stationary or moving slowly on full lock!! I have searched the forum and found some useful information saying it could be the clutch on the alternator pulley.

    I have just been out to the car and was able to move the cooling fan just inside the alternator - it was said that it should only move one way which was correct (if it doesn't move it is definitely the pulley), however, I had to use a little force to make it move. Should it be free flowing one way or should there be some resistance?? Also at the time I did this the squeal had gone quiet so don't know if it is on it's way out but not completely gone yet.

    Any ideas? Could it be something else attached to the V-Belt?

    Secondly if it is the alternator pulley is this a job you can do on the driveway (I know it may require taking the front end apart) and has anyone done it to give me some guidance
    if it is a garage what kind of cost am I looking at?


  2. hades-

    hades- Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    have you checked the ps fluid ?
  3. swarcup

    swarcup Well-Known Member

    as above mine did this when the power steering fluid was low
  4. kujo

    kujo New Member

    Yep pulled the cap off and there seems to be plenty of fluid in there! Didn't have a rag to check against the dip stick properly but looked like it had the correct amount.
  5. Woorlord

    Woorlord shifting to Hyperspace... . VCDS Map User

    Run the car up to temperature with a drive and then check the ps fluid level - it is important you check at normal running temperature.
    If it needs topping up only use the Audi mineral ps oil as you risk the chance of blowing all your steering seals. £8~£9/L from Audi.
  6. kujo

    kujo New Member

    Ok thanks - I'll have a look when I get home tonight as it's an hours drive so should be plenty warm enough and I'll have a rag as well to check the dip stick.
  7. aragorn

    aragorn "Stick a V8 in it!" Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User

    Dont hold the steering on full lock, its not healthy for the pump or rack. Just move the wheel a tiny fraction back from full lock, puts much less pressure on everything.

    As for the squealing, might be worth checking the belt tensioner as well as the aforementioned alternator pulley.
  8. kujo

    kujo New Member

    Update: Checked the powersteering fluid after driving home from work and all fine there so it's either the belt tensioner or alternator pulley. Has anyone had the work done at the garage for this issue and how much did it cost? Or can I do it on my drive way with basic mechanical knowledge.
  9. Martin69

    Martin69 Member

    this was happening in my a4 as well... got my local mechanic to sort if for €80... but I cant for the life of me remember what he did... think it was the belt tensioner at the front of the engine...

    I always thought you had to take the front off the car to get at it... but apparently with the right tool you can do it by just opening up the bonnet and getting your hand down there...
  10. way318

    way318 Active Member

    It will be both, if the alternator pulley fails then it will cause the belt tensioner to also fail. As the alternator pulley has a clutch in it and puts strain on the belt tensioner.

    This is what happened to mine last year in April and you have to replace both to stop it from happening again. Also if you only change the belt tensioner you won't get any warranty against it for it unless you change the alternator pulley at the same time.

    I got my parts from Murrays direct, oem quality & spec but alot cheaper them audi and not had any probs with mine since it was done. All parts come to around £140, but it will depend on what engine you have, mine is the AWX 1.9 TDI 130.

    Also worth getting the pas fluid replaced and change aux & alternator belts at the same time.
  11. magic123

    magic123 Member

    tensior or alternator pulley get it sorted asap mine did it for 4days then my alternator pulley snapped on my golf
  12. S4_dan

    S4_dan Fire up the Quattro! VCDS Map User

    ^^^^ I'd of hoped he would of sorted it after nearly 3 years. Lol

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