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powerflex bushes

imported_velcrobix Nov 16, 2004

  1. My s3 has now done 76K and i'm noticing that the front nearside wheel feels a little 'loose' when going over bumbs so i'm thinking of changing the wishbone bushes to powerflex or simular (hopeing my dampers are ok but think bushes need replacing anyway).
    Are they easy to change for someone like me with limited tech knowlwdge?

    Also is it worth changing the anti roll bar bushes?
  2. dunk

    dunk Member

    the dampers on the s3 dont last 50k in any kind of good condition, so i would look at changing those first.

    powerflex bushes for the wishbones etc will improve the turn-in etc but make the car feel very hard and noisy/crashing over bumps- i wouldnt recommend them

    the sylastic bushes for the anti-roll bars work well, but are best with uprated anti-roll bars.

    have you checked your wheel bearings?

    the bushes arent difficult to change, but you may have to burn out or cut out the old rubber bushes - the new ones just slot in.
  3. I know i need to replace the near side track rod - last MOT told me that, so that may solve the problem.

    I've heard that the R32 rear anti roll bar is a good upgrade.

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