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Power Steering problem

scottyjohn Dec 10, 2007

  1. scottyjohn

    scottyjohn Member

    Hi all,
    Gave my car to a friend on a mercy mission last week and when I got it back its making a hell of a noise. At idle, there is a rumble / squeak from the front of the engine bay. This disappears when raised above idle. When driving the car, at low speed, and turning with fair lock, the car squeaks and judders through the wheel as if the front wheels are not aligned and pushing against one another. If I keep the revs up when turning tightly it drives fine. I checked and the power steering fluid was below the minimum and I hoped that this was the issue but have topped up with audi fluid today and hasnt made a difference.

    Im hoping it isnt going to need a rack or a pump? Any ideas on the possible cause?
  2. loktian

    loktian New Member

    i think i used to have the same problem......squaking and so on...then it disappeared after sometime...

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