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power steering fluid level

205man May 24, 2007

  1. 205man

    205man Active Member

    where on the dipstick should the power steering level read when the car is COLD.

    i checked mine yesterday and it was just above the min line

    im sure i read somewhere that when cold it should be just above min line when cold and on the max when at normal temperature

    is this right, it doesnt say in the handbook, as it says contact dealer if it goes low but what do they class as low?

    i meant to ask when it was mot'd but they just dropped the car off and i forgot to ask.

    otherwise ill need to ring audi

  2. Beerzo

    Beerzo Masa'warty 3200... Talk To Me!

    I would think that when the car is cold that it should be at the top line. Else why would it be there.

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