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Power Steering Fluid flush How 2

AudiLeon Jan 29, 2012

  1. AudiLeon

    AudiLeon Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    I've recently posted a how 2 on here from another site tellig you how to do a power steering flush on a S4.
    I found it ok, but quite difficult on my 2.5 TDI.

    So he's a basic on that I did yesterday which was abit easier. Sorry there's no pictures though!

    Firsly take all the fluid out of your reservoir, i found a turkey baster was perfect for this, you're able to get right down into the bottom of the reservoir with this.

    Then pop out your passenger side headlight (If you've not done this before, there are 2 torx screws down the back of the headlight. Loosen these, do not remove them and 2 screws on top of the headlight. the headlight will pull away from the car now then undo the cable)

    Not looking through the gap you can easily see the pipe working going up into the reservoir.
    Disconnect the one nearest you. This is the feed line into the pump.

    Get a 15mm piece of copper pipe and a shortish length of hose with a funnel pushed in the end. If it's all a tight fit that's fine. If it's slack use clips to tighten it all up.

    Then get a very short peice fo hose with a bolt in the end to plug up the hose. Put this onto the open reservoir at the base. (this will stop all the fluid pouring out.

    Now you'll need a friend to help you. Fill the pipe upto the funnel but not including the funnel. (You'll find if any bubbles come up if they come into the funnel it splats everywhere.)

    Get your friend to turn the car over and turn it off straight away. you'll see all the fluid pull down the hose. Top up the hose and repeat.
    Do this whilst keeping your eye on the reservoir. When it becomes full. Empty the reservoir with your turkey baster.

    Continue untill you're taking abit of fresh fluid out of the reservoir.

    This next bit is abit tricky. You need to get the pipe empty and the reservoir. If it's fresh fluid in there. Then just use the turkey baster to put it back in with your fresh fluid. disconnect all your extra pipe work, plug it all back together and rebuild your car.

    Fill up the reservoir and follow this:
    I hope thi helps.
  2. hartey

    hartey Member

    Hiya, I started my car today after changing my reservoir, as it was broke, but forgot to fill it back up with oil, will I have done any damage to the car, I didn't drive any where just started it and left it running.
  3. marktdisport

    marktdisport Active Member

    no m8 no damage it will just need bleeding fully to remove air once filled up
  4. hartey

    hartey Member

    Ok cheers mark!

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