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Power problems with 1996 A4 110hp TDI AFN

ollied1981 Nov 8, 2006

  1. ollied1981

    ollied1981 New Member

    Just joined the forum to ask a question...hope someone can help!

    Have had the car about 6 months, no problems until a few days ago when i noticed sometimes it's not pulling right....putting my foot down it felt like a flat diesel - it's most noticable in second and third where you usually accelerate hardest. There's no smoke, oil loss or unusual noises, it's just as if there's no boost. Strangley if i hold the accelerator down eventually it seems to rev through it and pull ok.

    This started off as an intermittent fault a few days ago but now it seems to be all the time...i'm guessing this means it's not a mechanical problem with the turbo since then it just would_not_spin.......

    I've checked the fault codes with vag-com, non were recorded. I've had someone rev it up, both the egr valve and the actuator on top of the turbo move, although the one on the turbo felt as though the movement was a bit 'sticky'. Does this car have the variable vane turbo rather than a wastegate?

    Oh yeah, i've just replaced the maf sensor since this seems to be the usual suspect and it's made no difference :(

    Any suggestions greatly appreciated!


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