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power loss Audi 80tdi

malachi Jul 1, 2008

  1. malachi

    malachi New Member

    I've got a bit of a problem with the car, over the last 2 weeks I can be driving along and when I take my foot off the gas and put my foot back on I get nothing you can pump the pedal and its like it's not even conected but if you dip the clutch and let the engine go to tickover you get the full use back, When the engine hits tick over you get a litlle surge in the revs for a split second. The car would always start an run fine otherwise untill on the way from work last week I got a big cloud of white/grey smoke out the back and the car just died on me, I found the fuel pipe full of air so I bleed it and it started, I i had to rebleed it 3 times on the 2 miles home. I changed the filter and feed and retern pipes cleaned the pick up in the tank with no difference until I put a aftermarket filter and filter housing on that got rid of the air bar a few small bubbles every so offen, but I took the car out this afternoon and all the problems are back but there is no air if the fuel.

    I would be glad of any ideas as to the cause as I'm a bit lost around diesel thanks for any help in advance.

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