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Power gain advice please?




    Hi all
    Im new to AS and new to Audis so forgive me if im in the wrong place and if im asking silly questions

    I have an impreza wrx at the moment that I have spent a small fortune on but im looking to changing it in the next few weeks for an s4 b6
    I was just wondering what modifications do you recommend and what power gains do they give?
    What would I be best starting with?
    And what is achievable without breaking the bank
    My impreza is around 380 bhp and im looking for similar
    any advice would be really helpful
  2. J7USS

    J7USS Shuddup Foooool!!

    For starters mate you'll loose the "boost" because (you will most likely already know) the B6 S4 isnt turbo'd.
    The s4 can be matched with the Power 380bhp figure or close by of your scooby with a remap & exhaust but im sure you know yourself it wont be the same from take off without the Turbo BUT you get the benefits of sounding like stampeed bombing down the road once you open it up with the V8 Grumble.

    Ive heard folk go on about Supercharger kits but im sure that WILL break the bank.
    Its a tough one with the B6 S4 if your looking for same "feel" power as your scooby - You gotta break that bank mate.

    ....there is another option....The B5 RS4!
    'Stoaksey' has his up to (a greedy;)) 475bhp but just standard you'll be veeerrrryy impressed!
  3. stoakseya4

    stoakseya4 Active Member

    Hi and welcome.

    Did someone call...?! :)

    I had a B6 S4 a while back and loved it. Didn't realise quite had good a car/engine it was until after it had gone. Fuel consumption's quite heavy at c21mpg but you'll be used to that! :) Bought a B5 RS4 a little while ago as missed a performance audi, and to be honest the cost was ridiculously low, so couldn't say no. Always wanted one, now have one and absolutely ****** love it. :jump:

    Yes power delivery is completely different, and when both are stock the RS is definitely quicker, and feels it too. The B6 S4 feels a right lard **** too with that big 4.2 V8. With relatively easy mods the S4 will take you up to 380-390-odd bhp but as J7USS has said that's about your lot with spending c£10k extra on something like an MTM supercharger. That'll get you c450bhp and 0-62 in 4.5s.

    With the RS4 a couple of grand on an exhaust and map and you'll have 475bhp. Literally nothing comes close.

    Forget scoobies, evo's, M3's (E46 or E92), B7 RS4's, any RS6 on a twisty, any 911 except maybe a TT or GT2, 360, 430, most AMG's, DB9, etc etc... Weather depending you'll take on and beat Lambo's, any Merc, Fezza, BMW, etc.

    Absolutely amazing car, and as you can tell, I quite like mine!


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