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Potentially coming back to Audi

GhostyDog Dec 14, 2011

  1. GhostyDog

    GhostyDog New Member


    It's been some time, 3 years to be exact with a BMW 3 series coupe which has been a brilliant and competent car in all ways except in icey and snowy weather, and I'm looking at Audi again in the form of an A5 Black 3.0 TDi Quattro Stronic.

    It has stiff competition from the new Range Rover Evoque though, so I'd like to hear from owners of the A5 as to why I should choose that over an Evoque?

    I'm going for awd as my wife got caught in the bad snows last year in the Beemer and she is now petrified of driving a rwd car in snow and icy conditions (10 hours on a motorway with the back end skipping out constantly) hence the change for the capability of four driven wheels.


  2. tannerpp

    tannerpp New Member

    I went through the same process GD before I placed my order to replace my A3 Sportback with an A5 Sportback 2.0TDi Quattro.

    My main reason for staying with Audi? Audi A5 delivery date Mid March 2012, 12 to 14 weeks from order. Range Rover Evoque delivery date Mid September 2012, 36 to 38 weeks from order.

    If you can afford to wait then there is no doubt that the Evoque is a good choice and for your specific need relating to snow and ice it may the right choice for you. For me having driven the 5 door 2.2 SD4 Pure and the A5 it was the Audi that ticked more all round boxes for my personal needs and the delivery time clinched it.

    I'm not sure where you live, and perhaps you have worse weather than we have in Solihull, but I'd rather put a pair of Winter Tyres on the Audi and have the "Grand Tourer" with better CO2, better all round ecoonomy, better on-road performance and, in my opinion, a better quality of interior than the Range Rover - and that's despite the fact that I work for the parent company of JLR!
  3. warren_S5

    warren_S5 Moderator Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User

    Interesting topic as I'd not really see the Evoque in the same choice bracket as the A5.

    Given the market conditions I kind of understand the route Land Rover are taking as these vehicles are less about the being in the country and more about lifestyle. If I had to have any offroader it would have to be a Range, but I've never been able to convince myself what big 4x4's offer as a day to day driving proposition would satisfy the majority of my driving needs. I think the X6 has had a lasting effect on my dislike of chop top 4x4's!

    So for me the A5 seems a really straightforward choice unless you regularly tow a horse box, go properly offroad, or you have children that have a high kerb outside the school where they have to get out of the car!

    Vote for the A5 from me, but I really should go and drive an Evoque to see if my prejudices are unfound and actually they are the way forward.
  4. EdinburghA5

    EdinburghA5 New Member

    Before ordering the new A5 2.0TDi SB Quattro I test drove the new Jaguar XF 2.2d. It was excellent. The engine and gearbox (and looks) could have pulled me away from the A5 but I didn't want rear wheel drive. Winter tyres would have solved most of these concerns (almost all German taxis are RWD and don't stop when it snows) but out if town at speed in corners requires quattro (and winter tyres of course).

    I think you need to test drive both. My personal reasons for choosing A5 over Evoque would be that the Range Rover is really a Land Rover , the design is interesting but looks like a Hot Wheels (bling) design and it will suffer the general car park disrespect that all off-roaders suffer. I don't plan to drive off road though. If I did, I'd compare the Evoque to the new Freelander.

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