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Potential A6 Owner - Newbie Questions..

philipleonard Apr 16, 2005

  1. philipleonard

    philipleonard New Member

    Hi, all. Doing a search for all those initial questions but thought I would post up a quickie to say hi!

    1. Looking at picking up an A6 Avant 1.8t quattro, any good?
    2. Is it possible to pickup complete leather int for A6's in order to retro fit - old cloth int?
    3. Go fo lower miles A6 Quattro 1.8T or higher miles S6 with all the toys.... ?

  2. evomaster3000

    evomaster3000 Member

    complete leather interiors do pop up now and again, anything from £600 - £1200 tho! so if you can get one with it already is a bonus.

    As for miles well i don't know how the 1.8t are or the S6, what sort of miles u lookin at?

    Quattro by far best, rarer and £££ tho, £££ to run and fix.

    I got a high mileage 1.9tdi, drove the 1.8t and just not torquey enough, had a bit of power tho.

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